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Some Troll Account Convinced The World Coach Cal Might Be Getting Fired, Calipari And His Wife Laugh Directly In His Face

So this was floating around yesterday. It actually got a decent amount of traction and people kept falling for it because, well, yeah, Kentucky still lost to St. Peter's. Luckily for people with brains it was pretty obvious to know this wasn't true considering he was in St. Louis. 

Shit even Mrs. Calipari had to chime in with a joke. 

That's step 1 in how you start battling back. Step 2 is getting rid of the checkerboards, nothing good has happened since we added checkerboards. Step 3 is actually showing change for this upcoming season. No more 4 man that just sits in the lane and refuses to take threes. No more double big looks. Spread the floor and actually recruit/use guys that can shoot. Stop playing like it's the mid-2000s preferably. 

This is where the debate with Calipari is impossible to have. Nobody can be rational when it comes to him. It's simple though. He's been successful at Kentucky. It's impossible to argue against that. He also needs to get 1 more title at some point. He probably should have won in 2015 and 2010. And yes we're now at a crossroads. He needs to adapt more to the modern game. He somewhat did this past year finally going with the 3-guard look, but you need a stretch 4. You can't have Keion Brooks out there with Oscar or Toppin and Oscar out there until Toppin truly develops some sort of offensive game. Same goes for Wheeler since his lack of shooting just led to more of a clogged paint. 

Either way, no Calipari isn't getting fired. Yes, there will be some sort of meeting to help figure shit out about the entire program. Yes, Calipari needs to make some changes too.