Angel Hernandez Was VIBIN' Behind Home Plate Tonight

Angel Hernandez is one of the great anomalies and all of sports. I don’t know a single person who believes that he’s good at his job, though I probably shouldn’t criticize him. He was behind the plate for Spencer Turnbull‘s no-hitter, and if you know anything about me, you know that changed my life. But he is widely regarded to be the worst umpire in Major League Baseball, and if you don’t think he’s the worst, he’s in everyone’s top three list, and yet the thing that makes him the most fascinating umpire in the game is the fact that he seems to have remarkable confidence in himself. It’s pretty rare that anyone in any profession decides to have a dance-off with an invisible person at a random moment, but Angel Hernandez is a man of chaos. He doesn’t care what you think. If he weren’t so bad at his job, there would be a part of me that almost respected it. I mean, I watched this video and felt like I got served. 

Don’t get me wrong, if Angel Hernandez loses the Tigers a playoff game one day, I’m going to go scorched earth on the guy, but for the time being, I just love the fact that Angel Hernandez is a guy who could only exist in MLB. I know that the NFL, college basketball, and the NBA have terrible officiating sometimes. But Angel Hernandez is built different. He’s the Mike Trout of awful. He’s so damn good at not being good. God bless him.