Love Is Dead: A Beautiful Woman Popped Her Top To Go Streaking At A Rugby Game, Got Tackled By Security, Then Got Broken Up With Over Text For Running On The Field

(Source)- Titans fan Javon Johnson hopped the fence after the Eels scored to make it 24-16 in the 72nd minute of their clash on Saturday night. Parramatta playmaker Mitchell Moses was stunned when she was hit hard and driven into the turf by security before being escorted off the ground.

Johnson copped her medicine, telling Seven News: “I got what I deserved. He (the security guard) was doing his job.” 

“I know exactly what I did. It’s been a bucket list thing and when your friends say, ‘I dare you to do it’, you don’t actually think you’re going to do it. It was such a surreal, out-of-body experience,” she said. “It’s the adrenaline of the crowd. You just hear this big roar and I was like, ‘I need to take off my top now’. I was so close to doing my bra but I was like, ‘No … that’s a bit far’.”

“I used to play AFL and rugby and I have three brothers, so getting tackled was not a problem,” she said. “The tackle was honestly fine, it was more how much air I got. I guess it just looks so much worse. He could have just grabbed me at that time and I would have fallen over.

Johnson also re-posted footage on TikTok of her getting tackled by security and in another clip she shared media articles about her stunt and a text message from a person she suggested was her boyfriend. A screenshot posted on the social media platform revealed the text message said: “You’re an idiot and a disgrace. Thank you for an absolute embarrassment. Don’t try contact me.”

Talk about an all-time making chicken salad out of chicken shit moment, perhaps with a slight concussion on the side. I'm sure Javon Johnson didn't enjoy getting speared to hell by that random security guard. But as you can tell by her quotes, it was nothing at all for a girl that used to play rugby along with the bumps and bruises that come from growing up with a few brothers.

However while pain is temporary, marriage is until death does you part and getting rid of that absolute dud is the ultimate example of addition by subtraction. If you can't appreciate your girl running on the field, getting thousands of people cheering of her while in her bra, and dusting off a form tackle that would impress even Bobby Wagner, you don't deserve to be with said girl for another moment let alone for the rest of your life. 

I always thought Australians were the toughest group of people on the planet since they grew up in a country that used to be a prison that just so happens to be filled with and surrounded by some of the deadliest creatures on Earth. But after this weenie called his ex an idiot, a disgrace, AND an absolute embarrassment, I have to question everything I ever knew about the wonder Land Down Under. Namely I need a bunch of Aussies to at the very least call this guy a wanker if not a full blown C-Word for his lack of decorum to an absolute prize of a woman. I never thought I'd type these words and want to cry as they leave my fingers but be better Australia.