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An Official Response From Clem And Reags On Behalf Of Knicks Fans: We REBUKE Glenny's Apology To James Dolan, The Worst Owner

Oh that's cute and all Glenny, but the apology isn't accepted. I hereby rebuke Glenny's apology to James Dolan. Why? Because he's still running the Knicks. He's still the reason I can't trust the Knicks. He's still the reason the Knicks are a joke and crumble. Until he's gone, there will be no apology from everyone here. 

Good for the Rangers or whatever. I'm not going to sit here and pretend to be some big time hockey fan. I'll watch the playoffs. I'll go to some Jackets games if I have tickets or whatever. But ever since Brian Leetch, the greatest hockey player ever, hung it up I haven't cared. Sue me. 

But this is how it is as a Knicks fan. The Rangers can have some success and we have failure. The only person to blame for that? James Dolan, clearly. Let him stay on as the Rangers owner, I don't care. Get him out as the Knicks. Let Glenny parade him around and play his instruments. I won't have it anymore. 

And I reached out to the rebuke king for a second opinion. Here's his very exclusive (a text to me) response: