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Mike Piazza Joined Us On We Gotta Believe To Talk About His Time With The Mets, His Feud With Roger Clemens, And The Greatest Home Run Of All-Time


KFC and I randomly got blessed with a Mike Piazza interview request out of the heavens last week, which was a dream for someone like me that grew up idolizing those late 90s Mets team. Mike was gracious enough to discuss the craziness in 1998 of going from LA to New York (with a brief pit stop in Miami) along with Mets fans booing him in the beginning for with lack of RBI despite batting .348 with 23 bombs in 109 games for the Amazins before settling in as a fan favorite during the meat of his Hall of Fame years. 

We also discussed how good the 1999 and 2000 Mets were, Mike's feud with Roger Clemens, what it was like working for the Wilpons, and of course the greatest home run in human history.

Goosebumps. Every. Single. Time.

I'll also put out a warning that our connection with Mike was a little spotty so there were some choppy points during the interview with him Zooming from Italy, unfortunately during some of the best stories of the pod. But all in all it was a great look back at some of the best years of our lives as Mets fans with one of the greatest players I've ever seen rock the orange and blue. Hopefully we'll be able to chop it up with Mike in person one day because he has a ton of awesome insight of what it's like to be a superstar in the greatest baseball city on the planet.

We also recorded today's We Gotta Believe where we recapped the Opening Weekend series against the Nationals separately so check it out below or on your favorite podcast site/app.