The #2 Ranked Call of Duty Vanguard Player Exposed Himself For Cheating Live On Stream

Another day, another Call of Duty cheating RAT.

This was the #2 Vanguard ranked player in the world and he managed to get caught HIMSELF. You can't make it up! So when his stream lags, you can clearly see the wall hacks revealed on the enemy players. This kid has been grinding the ranked leaderboard and making a name for himself, all while knowing the exact enemy location at all times.

Cheating is video games have been an absolute epidemic and I don't see it ending any time soon. But why in today's gaming world is there so much cheating?

When the transition began to happen from console to PC, it provided gamers with a ton of positive features - better stability (sometimes), better performance, frame rate, and so on. However, with it also came the ability to easily download hacks for your favorite video games. Couple that with the fact of these big name games began to throw out significant money for tournaments and BOOM - kids began to do whatever it takes to win tournaments and build up their brand.

But don't worry guys, said cheater came out with a statement about getting caught red-handed:

Who in THE FUCK is taking the time out of their day to read that novel??? My guy wrote an MLA formatted essay to try and clear his name. I didn't even make it past the headline, but apparently his excuse is that he used hacks to get a certain camo and then "forgot" uninstall the hacks…Seems legit.

Competitive Call of Duty icon 'Clayster' weighed in after seeing the essay:

Clayster nails it right on the head - just take the massive L and move on. Every hacker/cheater has some elaborate excuse why they happened to get caught cheating. Couldn't be a bigger scumbag than to cheat in a video game…

Back to the PC vs Console discussion: You're still able to cheat on consoles, but it is so much more difficult than simply going to a website, paying $5-$10 and instantly having the ability to have aimbot or wall hacks. Sometimes, I really miss the simplicity of plugging in a console, hopping into a party with the boys and just being able to enjoy Call of Duty or whatever other video game you'd be playing. There's no doubt the gaming world has improved ten-fold throughout the years, but it's not all roses and daisies as we well know.

I also think it's finally time to through in the towel on 'Ricochet' Anti-Cheat. It hasn't been nearly as effective on Vanguard or Warzone as we hoped. If I hop on Warzone for a few hours, I'll still run into a few cheaters or sus players. I'm not sure what the answer will be for competitive video games moving forward, but something has to change and change fast.

Lastly, There's Two Types of Gamers…