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Embrace Debate: Could You Hold On To A Five Stroke Lead On The 18th Hole At Augusta National?

On today's Pardon My Take... SCOTT VAN PELT! The longtime recurring guest of the show joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on his trip from Augusta National Golf Club to the airport on Sunday night to discuss this year's Masters Tournament, what it's like to be at Augusta every April, and his annual trip to the Augusta Airport vending machine. Before SVP joined the show, we were having a debate amongst our crew. Here is the situation:

Similar to Scottie Scheffler, you have a five stroke lead on the 18th hole on Sunday at The Masters. Are you putting on the Green Jacket after completing the hole?

Mr. Cat said the following:

Here was Mr. Commenter's take on the situation:

Hank and I were both on the same page (both of us try to break 100 when on the course) - We probably wouldn't be able to shoot a 9, but there's a small chance. Getting into the fairway without any trouble would be a tough task to start off…

But if you can drive it straight off the tee (big if), an 8 or 9 is possible. Again - not likely, but possible. A 4 or 5 putt is more than likely in play, especially with thousands of patrons watching every move.

Anyways, what does Scott Van Pelt think of this debate? We got his answer on today's show:

Mr. Cat: Let me ask you, you golf. You've been to Augusta. If you walked up to the tee box on the 18th with a lead like he [Scheffler] had, knowing you had to just get an 8 or 9 for a playoff, would you be able to pull it off?

Scott Van Pelt: I thought about that. And with all the people watching? Probably not. I think I would probably poop. Right?

Mr. Cat: Yup, yup.

Scott Van Pelt: Let's just be honest, you probably would freak out a little bit. I mean, every player that plays thinks, of course, all I need is like a 9, an 8, I guess I'd be OK. Well, you see these guys smack it in the trees, and they're the best in the world. So, I'm not going to do that thing that people do, and "Sure, I could make an 8." I might not, I probably wouldn't.

There you have it, folks. What about you? Any chance you make an 8 or 9 at Augusta at the most pivotal moment in golf?