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There's No Reason For Baseball To Exist When You Have Brady Tkachuk Hitting Dingers Like This

I think it's long overdue that we have an open and honest discussion. I love sports just as much as the next guy. Try to tell me that I don't like sports and I'm kicking you square in the nuts. That's a certified guarantee (almost spelled that right on the first try, not a big deal). 

But is it possible, and just stay with me here, that there are too many sports? Just think about how much we had going on yesterday. Sunday at The Masters. The final day of the NBA regular season. NHL action. College lacrosse. Soccer. Cricket. I'll have to check with MRags but I'm sure there were some video games being played. 

It's just gotten to the point where there are simply too many sports for any one individual to possibly consume them all. There aren't enough hours in the day to watch everything. So you have to start making some sacrifices. Turns out that Brady Tkachuk made that decision easy for all of us. 

It's just like baseball besides the two and a half hours of absolutely nothing happening during the game. Sign me up. 

The only thing I'm worried about now is how many times Tyson Nash thinks Brady Tkachuk should get his skull caved in for "skilling it up" like this. 

Home run derby. Top bunk water bottle snipe. Thing of beauty right there from young Brady. Either the MLB starts to let guys use as many steroids as they want again, or else dingers belong to hockey now.