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Wayne Ellington Decided To Hop On Twitter At 2am And Threaten To Fight Facu Campazzo (They Aren't Going To Fight)

You know what? This is exactly how the Lakers season should end. And hey, Wayne Ellington has a right to be pissed here. It's a dirty play by Facu. You can't be out here with the two hand shove to the back. That's even a penalty in hockey. Now all Ellington had to do was fight him then and there OR do nothing. Instead he picked option 3 which is the worst one. 

You don't tweet at nearly 2am that you're going to 'put your hands on' Facu. That's about as soft as it gets because there's only one option now. You HAVE to put your hands on him whenever you see him next. He's been warned. If you don't, this is basically the entire world watching you. 

At least Ellington had the balls to tag Facu. That's step 1. Still a pussy move, but at least he didn't just write his name out. A little surprised Ellington didn't him with a F*cu like the true keyboard warriors do. Again, it's the last game of the year. You have to fight then and there.