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Frank Vogel's Office Wasn't Even Cleaned Out Before We Got Our First Juwan Howard To The Lakers Rumors (Plus Coach Rondo)

We know Frank Vogel is getting fired, but it's apparently not 'official' as of yet. 

Now we know since Woj tweeted it it's official. Unless it involved Danny Hurley and a Rico DM. That's a different story though. This is about the tradition of now Juwan Howard getting linked to NBA jobs. Even more important is Coach Rajon Rondo now. The dude is still playing. Let me clarify. He's playing for a playoff team! Not the bum ass Lakers. He got traded out of there and gets to play for a winning franchise. The Cleveland Cavaliers. Someone else on the Lakers should learn from that probably. 

I understand why Howard will get linked to NBA jobs. He was on the Heat staff, he's been a good head coach at Michigan, etc. But he also his son on the roster and another one joining. He's not going to leave his sons at Michigan and take the Lakers job now. That would be a weird thing to do unless he *really* owes LeBron some sort of favor. He has plenty of time to take an NBA job if he wants one down the road. It's also a little different because he's coaching at his alma mater. He's not coaching some mid-major program or anything. He can win a title at Michigan. I get the lore of NBA jobs, but maybe he wants to coach at Michigan. It's not an insane thought. 

You know what? Fuck it. Give me Head Coach Rajon Rondo. I actually think he'd be a decent head coach, but I want to see him make Celtics fans heads explode coaching the Lakers. I want to see him deal with LeBron and that trainwreck as a coach and not just a teammate. This is what needs to happen. Go all in on Rajon Rondo.