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Doc Rivers Is Kind Of A Dick

Yo...Top 15 Doc...really? 22-year-old Paul Reed, who Doc has seemingly held back from playing all year, puts together a couple good performances including a career game of 25 points on 12-14 FGs and this is how we're condescendingly going about our press conferences? Seriously, what the hell, man? Even if he absolutely believes what he is saying (he shouldn't but I'm not a Top 15 All-Time NBA Coach), maybe, just maybe show the minimal amount of decorum. Bball Paul is a kid doing his damndest not to get sent back down to Delaware. No need to be a dick, Doc. But remember, peasants, Top 15 Doc can speak this way to you but don’t you DARE inquire his thoughts on losing a zillion games after being up double digits with ZERO rational coaching in the 4th quarter. You wouldn’t ask Pop that shit.

And now the 4th seeded Sixers face the 5th placed Raptors in a series which I'm sure will go absolutely swimmingly. You know, with Thybulle out for the games in Canada because he's not fully vaccinated, the fact the Sixers have been tossed around by the injured Raptors who have been down starters, and Nick Nurse who is going to coach light years around Top 15 Doc. This is going to be a certified hoot with no signs of an incoming disaster at all... 

Fuck it - Sixers in 4. CUE IT!!!

Rone and myself will be discussing it all on this week's First Time, Long Time. Hop in while you can. We'll hang up and listen.