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Something Weird Was Seen In The Sky Over Alaska

Contrail my ass. That's something billowing smoke dropping out of the sky. The hypothetical situations I can imagine are: 

- Russian Fighter jet was flexing on U.S airspace and the U.S shot it down and wanted to keep it hush hush to avoid World War 3. 

- An alien spaceship is crash landing on earth. 

- A nuke was shot at us from Russia, and we shot it down in time. 

Now there is a possibility that the angle of the sun that close to the arctic circle makes the contrail look different than contrails closer to the equator, but I have never seen a contrail that thick.



I mean, I am going to need someone to explain this to me why the UFO looks like a giant smoke trail. Hypothetical Alien opinion= Aliens aren't from outer space, they are actually life that lives beneath the oceans and deep in the earth. They have super-advanced technology from being intelligent beings from a lost civilization that was destroyed by natural disasters that has retreated deep in the earth to avoid extinction events over the years of the earth's history. They want to prevent Nuclear war by whatever means because it will impact their civilization deep under the earth's surface. 

Just my take though. 



(Editor's note: If you can figure out what is going on inside of Billy's brain please let us know)