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Scottie Scheffler Is Your 2022 Masters Champion


What a run this guy is on. 4 wins in 6 tournaments is legendary stuff. You grow up in an era where Tiger is dominant and makes that an annual ritual and then when he goes away, you realize just how rare that is. Only Jason Day has really done it other than Tiger in the past few decades and he's a prime example of just how fleeting this type of success can be. Scottie is out here doing it in big time tournaments, and none are bigger than this one.

He's just been a model of consistency. 69-67-71-71 is not an easy thing to do at Augusta National, and conditions were remarkably tough this week. Only 9 guys finished in red figures for the entire week. And out of 285 total rounds played, only 63 rounds were under par. Scottie did it every day, and rarely showed any signs of faltering (besides the final putts there, jfc).

There's two moments that really stand out to me, besides the numerous shots he hit tight and all those 8 footers he buried.

The first was his final hole on Saturday. Could have been a complete and total disaster and let a lot of guys back into the tournament. His tee shot went as far left as left goes on 18, ultimately resulting in a drop.

Him getting out of there with bogey was so masterful and really positioned him well going into Sunday.

The 2nd was obviously the pitch in on the 3rd today. Cam Smith put the screws on him by making birdie on the first 2 holes and cutting the lead to 1. Scheffler went way left off the tee just like he did on 18 the previous day and had on the 1st hole today was well. His approach failed to make it up on the green, leaving him this pitch from the bottom of the hill.


There was obviously a degree of luck involved there but it just goes to show that you need a few breaks to win out here. When you're hot you're hot.

Ya gotta think the sky is the limit for Scottie. 25 years old and on top of the golf world. Green jacket member for life. 

Masterful performance by Scottie. Congrats.