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Shohei Ohtani Just Hit The Hardest Ball He's Ever Hit In His Life....119 MPH Off The Bat!

Everyday it's something with this dude. When he's not making MLB history for being the first guy to start on the mound and leadoff as a hitter in the same he's hitting the ball roughly a billion miles per hour for a double. 119.1 MPH off the bat is the hardest he's ever hit a ball in the bigs, it's got to be very hard to hit it any harder than that. Especially from the left side.

He's obliterated a ball like this before, almost a year ago to the day, again for a double, this one just a tick faster. I'm surprised this ball didn't explode into the atmosphere or end up in a thousand pieces spread out all over the field. And on a 95 MPH pitch too, not like it was 100 in 119 out, turning 95 into 119 is insane. He's so quick to the ball, the bat speed is insanely impressive. He's going to hit a ball 120 MPH off the bat and the whole simulation will break. Baseball players aren't supposed to do this kind of stuff but Ohtani is doing something like this almost every night. He's the best. It also may be the quickest ground-rule double ever too. It took that ball like 3 seconds to get out of play. Nuts. Ball was actually smoked.