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A Round Of Applause For Tiger Woods At The 2022 Masters Tournament

Bravo, Tiger. Bravo.

I know there's a degree of nausea for some as it relates to how much coverage and affection Tiger has gotten this week, especially as he floundered through the weekend with back-to-back 78's. I simply do not care. What this man has gone through to not just walk again, but actually get out there and play 72 holes at one of golf's toughest walks is simply remarkable. I really cannot say that enough.

I think what we saw on Thursday from him when he shot a 71 is a good indication that he can still play the game and play it quite well. The swing is mostly there, the feels are certainly there... it's just a matter of whether the body can hold up over 4 full days of tournament golf. He's been open and honest about that for months and that certainly held true this weekend. As the week wore on, he became more and more fatigued and the frigid weather on Saturday did him no favors either. 

It would be a lie to say it wasn't tough to watch at times. Seeing the best to ever do it flounder with numerous 3-putts and struggle to get it around was a bit of a shock to the system. He literally looked exhausted coming up the hill at 18 each of the last two days. Maybe his body will continue to progress where that's not the case, or maybe that's the norm for him moving forward. Hopefully not, but time will tell. But it's still damn good to see the red and black out there on an Augusta Sunday.

And good news! He may not be teeing it up much, but he's got his eyes set on Southern Hills (where he won the 2007 PGA) and has more or less committed to playing the Open at St Andrews (where he's won twice). 

Can't wait to see what he's got next for us. The hype and anticipation is going to be wild going into every tournament he plays and rightfully so.