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We've Got A First Look At The Astros City Connect Jerseys And They Are A Certified 14 Out Of 10

Sheeeeesh. I love the new Astros City Connect jerseys, Nike has done a good job on a majority of them but the two they've done this season have been amazing. These aren't too flashy or anything, but they look sick. As you know there's a ton of space history in Houston, hence the "Space City" on the front. I love the Astros color scheme too, that right there is about as good as it gets. And the way they blended the colors on the uni is great. The striping down the front being the tequila sunrise colors is unique and awesome, the dark blue looks really good, and the orange "SPACE CITY" on the front is a nice touch. I also love the numbers on the hip, that's something new. 

The hat is amazing too. Keeping the old school "H"but putting the space theme into it is awesome. A real NASA look to it. The font for the names on the back is cool too, it's not like a font we've ever seen on a baseball uni. The Astros already have some of the best uniforms out there, including the old school tequila sunrise ones, throw these into the mix and it's just another great uniform for them. They look great in the pictures and I'm sure they'll translate well onto the field. They'll debut them on 4/20 against the Angels so you can get your first look at them there during a game. 

I'm a big fan of these unis, I don't think Nike overdid it like they did with some of them, they look like a normal alternate jersey. Nothing really to complain about here. And if you're going to make the joke "they should have put a trashcan on them." too late, I already made the joke, so shut it. Even if you hate hate the Astros you have to admit these are sick, great job done here.