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Jack White Put An Awesome Spin On The National Anthem Yesterday At Opening Day In Detroit

Jack White is a national treasure. 

If you have a problem with this, you're probably one of those traditionalists who believe any interpretation of the Star Spangled Banner that isn't plain vanilla is unpatriotic. 

I disagree. 

I'm all for tasteful and respectful spins on the anthem.

I'm not talking Carl Lewis 

or Roseanne

but this Jack White version is great. Especially the ending.

He hopped in the booth later in the game and shot the shit with Jack Morris Kirk Gibson and they talked about how the Tigers organization and Jack saved the stadium where Detroit's Negro League team played.

For those unaware, Jack is a monster baseball fanatic. The Tigers are his AL Team and the Cubs are his NL team. He attends games randomly pretty often, and doesn't fuck with suites. He's a man of the people and sits amongst the fans.

This game was back and forth all day with the Tigers coming out on top thanks to one of the more bizarre walk-offs courtesy of new Tiger Javy Baez.

I'm gonna miss watching this man so much.