The Milwaukee Brewers Are An Absolute JOKE

The brewers have done nothing but two things to start the year: (1) get their asses kicked by the Chicago Cubs and (2) drill our hitters. An unbelievable amount of Cubs hitters have been hit by the Milwaukee Brewers pitching staff and frankly I’ve seen enough. This goes back years. Something about being a small market team with a Napoleon complex and I say that 100% knowing they’ve eaten our lunch for years now. I know it better than anyone. And even so they still can’t stop hitting our guys. 

Truthfully it’s because the Cubs stand on the plate and have many hitters that lean over the outer half. Like it’s good smart baseball to pitch the Cubs in hard because there’s so many holes. But there’s also an old saying that you don’t throw inside unless you can. If you can’t command a fastball, don’t try and establish the inner third because that’s just negligent. You shouldn’t be pitching. That’s what I think of when I watched the brewers today. So many arms that simply cannot command the inside part of the plate.

That and I also thought the Brewers were complete trash. They look like shit. The Cubs on the other hand have looked nothing short of excellent out of the gate. It’s troubling to think that they’re playing noticeably harder. There’s also an overwhelming decrease in strikeouts in the lineup with Madrigal and Suzuki playing every day. That’s a nice change of pace. But really not as much as the 2-0 start. Especially with me calling this a Wild Card season before it started. Unbelievable energy to begin the 2022 season and my hunch says there’s more coming.

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