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Giannis Gave Yet Another Incredible Answer When Asked About The Scoring Title

John Fisher. Getty Images.

Aside from what can only be described as complete and utter dominance on the basketball court, one of the reasons why people love Giannis is his mentality. The way he approaches the game of basketball is rare. There are only a handful of players that are close to Giannis' stature that have a similar approach. Nikola Jokic is someone who I would say fits that description to give you a sense of what I mean.

All you have to do is listen to Giannis speak. I missed this clip after the Bucks/Celts game on Thursday but I saw it this morning and I know it gets repetitive to keep saying but try and hate this dude after you hear him respond to being asked about the scoring title

Think about what's happening right now in the NBA world. Teams and agents are sending out promotional packets to campaign for their guy to win some sort of NBA award. We've heard players like LeBron and Embiid talk about how important the scoring title is all year long. We're seeing guys do media tours right this second to push themselves forward in a certain award race. Whether it was Embiid's ESPN piece where he said people must hate him if he doesn't win MVP to Marcus Smart doing his publicity tour for DPOY to Bam going on JJ Redick's podcast to give his DPOY case to Mikal Bridges having this written

It's campaign season. And here is Giannis, after a pretty big home win basically saying who gives a shit about a scoring title or MVP or essentially any of these things that the rest of the league is going crazy over right now. The ability to say something like that comes with being a champion. Once you reach the level that Giannis has entered when talking about all time historical NBA shit, you need to start stacking rings, especially when you already have a couple of MVPs. Giannis has done all that shit so he can now focus the rest of his career on the titles.

It's just such a different mindset that you almost never see in a superstar of this caliber. That's why every time Giannis gives a soundbite like this I'm going to blog it. Because one night he can say that and you know it's truly genuine, and then the very next night he goes out and does this

like it's a normal day at the office. It's incredible to watch really. I should hate this given what I want for my favorite basketball team, but I can't. Who can hate Giannis? He probably won't win MVP, he probably won't win the scoring title or DPOY, but do you think he gives a shit? No chance. Not when everyone knows he can absolutely still win the NBA title. 

Regular season MVPs are cool and all, but they don't have shit on Finals MVPs