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My Dad Absolutely Roasted Me Right To My Face For Never Becoming A Pro Athlete

I've never been bodied like I was bodied yesterday, by my own father no less. I was at my parents to watch some of the baseball games and I saw the clip of Spencer Torkelson stepping into the box for his first MLB at-bat, the camera pans over to his dad crying and getting very emotional. It really is a great clip and something all parents dream of, watching their kids fulfill their childhood dream. I showed my dad the clip and within seconds it turned into a roast. He looked me dead in the eye and told me "This is something you'll never be able to give me." Bodied by my own father, tough look. The thing is....he's not wrong. I think it's highly unlikely that I end up making my MLB debut anytime soon, just not in the cards for a 5'8 145 pound blogger. Baseball is maybe the best father-son bonding sport out there but instead of enjoying a nice, emotional video we could bond over I got roasted. 

I mean my dad should have known I was never going to be a pro athlete the day I told him I didn't want to play on Chris Becraft's Savage travel baseball team because they had games at 9 AM on Saturdays. Maybe that is what he's been holding onto all these years and finally decided to let it out. I just wanted to show him Tork's dad in tears while he watched his son take his first MLB at-bat, not have him turn into a roast featuring Jeff Ross. He woke up and chose violence. Parents love roasting their kids until they realize we're the ones that have control of when they're going into a nursing home.