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The Blue Jays And Rangers Just Gave Us The Craziest Opening Day Game Ever After The Jays Stormed Back From A 7-0 Hole To Win

Holy shit, you won't find a home opener better than that. The Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers just played the game of the year, no doubt about it. Texas stormed out to a 7-0 lead through 4 innings, they knocked Jays ace Jose Berríos out of the game after Berríos only recorded 1 out. Texas came out hot and punched the Jays right in their face. But as everyone noted before the season, this lineup is going to absolutely mash, and mash they did. The Jays clawed their way back into the game scoring 8 unanswered, only for the Rangers to tie it up again. But no worries because the Jays went back up in the bottom of the 7th and tacked on another run in the 8th. 

The run scored in the bottom of the 7th was by far the best run we saw scored all season long, it gave us our first electric replay announcement from the umpire crew. Teoscar Hernandez trying to score from first on a ball hit down into the corner and he was trucking around the bases. Relay throw comes in but the catcher is set up so deep that it gives Hernandez all the space to slide in. He's called out, it goes to review and we get this Gladiator style announcement and when the umpire said Hernandez was safe I thought the roof would blow off of the Rogers Centre. It sounded like a playoff game in there, this place is going to be a house of horrors for teams this season. 

This game really had it all, big leads, blown leads, big homers, close plays, it was amazing. The Hernandez home run to tie it was massive too, he had a hell of a ballgame. Again just listen to how loud this crowd was. 

Of course the Jays home run jacket came out for Danny Jansen who hit a solo shot in the 8th for some insurance run, something tells me this jacket is going to get a ton of use this year. The game was so damn awesome. A blowout that turned into a slugfest. Rough night for both bullpens too, lot of arms used to go along with all those runs scored. This game is the perfect example of why the Blue Jays were my pick to win the AL. This team is going to hit a billion homers, they're going to score so many runs. With an offense like this they're never going to be out of a game. That 7-0 lead went away in about 4 minutes. It's only game 1 but man this team is scary, the AL is on notice. Never ever count the Jays out. 10-8 was the final and boy do I hope you took the over.