Shoutout to This Augusta Patron Who Held in the Coughing Fit of a Lifetime Until After Hideki Matsuyama's Shot

Feeling a hacking cough coming on while right behind a tee box as the defending Masters champion is lining up a shot has to be the most helpless feeling anyone could have as a spectator for any sport. You finally won the ticket lottery to go to Augusta, just dropped the better part of a rent payment at the merch shop and now you're going to cough up a lung in somebody's backswing. Tests of will don't get much greater than this.

But credit to this patron, because he absolutely was not letting a sound escape his mouth before Hideki Matsuyama hit that golf ball. He would have had his chest literally explode before letting that cough out unless the ball was in the air. That's mental toughness like you read about.

This fine gentleman more than earned another set of tickets for next year.