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Vibbs' Must Watch Television While You Fall Asleep

Football is done and people are starting to slightly crack their windows to let in the fresh spring pollen, which means we are entering prime napping season. You don't get the birds chirping at The Masters every weekend, so what do you watch when you are hungover and teams haven't thrown out the first pitch?  

Empire building and tiddies. These Netflix shows are the perfect amount of historians explaining and actors fighting & fucking, so you are thoroughly entertained; yet informed, as you drift in and out of consciousness. I've been watching these factual docuseries as I fall asleep, and I've learned a good amount that was too much to wrap my brain around in a text book, or was never even covered in school. 

Roman Empire: Reign of Blood (Roman's loved showing their tits)

Rise of Empires: Ottomans 

Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan  

Vikings (was taken off Netflix for History Channel's app to switch it up from WWII and Ancient Aliens) 

The Vikings docu-series was awesome because I've always thought Vikings were simply white trash barbarians that parked boats outside their house. Turns out, Vikings are more advanced and weren't the ancient world's hillbilly neighbor. Since the Vikings doc isn't streaming on Netflix anymore, I'd suggest starting with Age of Samurai. Before AOS came out they were trying to hype it up as the Japanese Game of Thrones, but going in with that mentality will leave you more disappointed than the final season of GOT. 

Hard to find good pics of Ragnar ever since he asked the Vikings for $20k / home game … 

Or just watch The Office, whatever.