Oh Good, The National Title Floor Conspiracy Theory Is Growing Even More Thanks To One Single Tweet

Well this tweet isn't doing any favors in terms of slowing down conspiracy theory talk. This is the original video that sent Twitter into freaking out about floors: 

You've had people arguing back and forth for days now about whether a floor should bend like that. It happens, that's not too uncommon because of the new technology to help knees. Plus it's in slow-mo so it always looks worse in slow-mo. But Armando Bacot got hurt with a chance to take the lead with less than a minute to go. It's brutal. Just like Nigel Williams-Goss hurting his ankle in 2017 was brutal. The few wishes for a title game is simple. Close game, no injuries and refs getting out of the way. 

And hey I'm a sucker for a conspiracy theory. Nothing gets me going like a good sports conspiracy theory. That said, this issue is dead to me now.