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I Humbly Present The Most Preposterous Gameshow Answer Ever From The Weakest Link

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Jeeeeeesus Christ, Sean! I know what it's like to perform in a trivia show under the bright lights as a contestant on The Dozen (that made the tournament superfinals last season and won the All-Star MVP this year but that's beside the point #CleMVP). But you can't be linking Marty Scorsese to 8 Mile like that since everyone knows Francis Ford Coppola directed 8 Mile and was the runner-up for Best Picture that year. Classic mix up.

Truth be told, I wasn't sure if I should blog this when I saw it going viral a few days ago because it was so absurd, it was probably either fake or a planted answer designed to blow up on social media to make people realize that The Weakest Link is actually still on TV without that mean British woman. But my guy Sean had such a good I Fucked Up face to go with the classic "Good to know", I had to put it on the blog so we could all admire it together.