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Lighten the Fuck Up! Was Bill's Hot-Headed Wife Overreacting?

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One Friday morning, Bill was quietly sipping his coffee and reading the newspaper at the kitchen table when his wife came up from the basement and without warning, smacked him on the side of his head…

"What the Hell was that for?" Bill asked, covering his head with both hands, anticipating a second strike…

"I was doing your laundry and I found a piece of paper in your pants pocket with the name 'Marylou' scribbled on it!", wailed his hot-headed wife. "Who is she? Are you sleeping with her?"

"Honey, calm down, please", Bill pleaded. "Remember when I went to the racetrack with my buddies from work Tuesday night? Marylou was the name of a horse I was betting on, that's all…"

Satisfied with her husband's explanation, she went back to doing laundry. Twenty minutes later, she came storming into the kitchen again, but this time she smacked her husband in the head with a cast-iron skillet…

"What the Hell was that for?" Bill asked, cowering behind his hands.

Holding up her husband's iPhone she fumed, "Your horse just called…"                                                                                                       

* Vindog has been repurposing jokes since 1968 (and riding motorcycles since 1972)