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How Chicks In The Office First Started

We officially started a new segment on Chicks In The Office where we will be doing Q&As. We don't know what we're going to call it yet but we started our first Q&A on today's episode with an AMA. If you want to ask us a question in the future look out for posts on our social media for what topic we will be answering questions on each week & comment/submit your question.

One of our most asked questions is 'how did Chicks In The Office start?' Answering this got us pretty sentimental & we attribute the answer to a lot of luck & a lot of hard work. I highly recommend listening to our answers on the podcast because we go much more in depth but for the short answer: Fran, Noah & I all ended up together by chance & have been together ever since. 

I've told my story a few times but for a quick refresher once Barstool moved to NYC they were looking for interns. Glen or Glenny Balls had just gotten hired by Caleb for being a fast runner. Glen & I were super close friends from high school & I texted Glen congratulating him. Glen said they hadn't hired any girls to be interns yet, they wanted & he would let me know when they were looking. I didn't think much would come of it until Glen texted me asking if I could come into the office & I was already close because I had just finished one of my classes at FIT. Caleb & Big Cat facetimed me off of Glen's phone, I went into the office & was hired. 

Somewhere down the line I fell into doing content, a bit later Fran was hired & the same thing happened to her. I ended up dming Fran saying we should work on something together because people were trying to pit us against each other & to my dismay we read the cringey dm I sent Fran. Somewhere from there we created Chicks In The Office & we never looked back. 

For the full breakdown listen to today's Chicks in the Office here: