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Igor Waves Bye Bye To The Penguins After Shutting Them Out

The best team in hockey is back and better than ever. The fully healthy roster is a force to be reckoned with. The aggressive forechecking and elite play on the backend is what you just love to see just a couple weeks away from the playoffs.



Frankie Vatrano opened up the scoring from a beautiful pass by Mika Zibanejad less than a minute into the second. This line is buzzing. It’s looking like Frank was the missing piece to put them over the top.



Then the Breadman delivered a piping hot backhand to put the boys up 2-0. What a shot. What a season he’s having. So many bums out there were saying he’s in a down year. LMAO.



This is when the game turned into a playoff game. Tyler Motte gets hit in what could have certainly gone either way. One angle shows head contact the other not so much. Regardless, this is when the fire started.


After Igor took care of business and got the shutout, a full out brawl ensued. In what was likely a preview of a first round matchup, both teams had a bench clearing standoff at center ice, in which the best goaltender in the NHL gave them a little wave goodbye.




That’s my guy. He sends you home after shutting you out and lets you know it. What a legend. All of you clowns would still rather Vasi. Who, by the way, has 10 GA in the last two games. Just food for thought. LGR.