Ke'Bryan Hayes Left Opening Day With a Wrist Injury Right After Agreeing To The Biggest Contract In Pirates History - The Deal is Pending a Physical That He Hasn't Taken Yet

You really can't script the Pirates, man. The one day they decide to actually pay someone and break a franchise record that same guy leave in the bottom of the 1st inning of Opening Day. It's so Pirates it hurts. 

Adding to the drama, the deal hasn't been signed yet and is pending a physical.

Could you imagine if Hayes broke his wrist on that play? I wouldn't put it past the Pirates to pull the deal and offer half just to get a discount. That's how big of a scumbag Bob Nutting is. You don't think he'd do that? Remember he's the same asshole who is currently taking his franchise player Bryan Reynolds to arbitration over the difference of $4.9 million and $4.25 mill. $600k just to try and save a few bucks and piss off his star. Could see them changing the numbers of the deal without telling him and just giving him the contract hoping he signs it. 

Hopefully Hayes check out okay and runs to that physical with a pen in hand.