The Cardinals Fans Gave Albert Pujols The Standing Ovation He Deserved In His First At-Bat As A Cardinal In 11 Years

What a cool moment for Albert Pujols and his 2 horsemen in the Cardinals home opener. The Cardinals crowd went nuts when Yadier Molina, Adam Wainwright and Albert Pujols were announced to the crowd. It's quite a threesome of players. Yadi and Albert are no-dobuter Hall Of Famers, Waino maybe. But the day really belonged to Albert. He was Cardinals baseball from 2001 to 2011 before he left for Anaheim. Obviously there was some hate towards him from the Cardinals fans, you have to know thats coming. But after playing for the Dodgers last year after being DFA'd he decided to give it one last run in St. Louis and come on home. The fans loved it and they let him know. 

In his first appearance in a Cardinals uniform in a regular season for the first time since 2011 the crowd went absolutely bananas when he was both introduced and when he came up to bat. It really was an awesome scene that all baseball fans (except Carl and Big Cat) loved to see. Say what you want about the Cardinals and their fans, they know how to bring it home for their guys. Good for Albert for deciding to come on home for his last season, it would have been weird to see him go out as a Marlin or Ranger or something, this feels right. He's 21 homers away from 700, I think he for sure gets it this season with the DH now in play, I hope he gets it at home so we get to see another great standing ovation. A cool moment to see one of the best players we will ever see get his proper recognition at home on Opening Day. We don't have to talk about the 0-5 day though.