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L-Carnitine (Russian Figure Skater PED) Review

So over a month ago, I started using L-Carnitine, one of the drugs the Russian Skater was doing that got her banned from the Olympics. It isn't illegal and it isn't really even a PED but I started to take 500mg/l about 3-4 times a week always before heavy workouts. 

L-Carnitine is the compound we eat meat for. Besides the obvious protein in meat, L-carnitine is a compound that plays a huge role in our bodies burning fat and improving muscle performance. Derived from the Chipotle term carnitas which means steak in the burrito (Jk the latin word caro, carnis f. for meat) the compound basically helps fuel the mitochondria of muscle cells and burn fat to get the powerhouse of the cell churning out energy. Mitocondria=Powerhouse of cell, Carnitine = trains that bring coal to burn in the powerhouse. (Ik this isn't the exact way it works but it's the simplest way to explain it.)

So the benefits it has been used for are mainly fat loss, endurance, and overall well-being. 

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After one month of using it I have concluded that it is extremely effective in increasing stamina. Running and boxing while taking this stuff was a breeze. It definitely helped not feeling gassed and limbs giving out. Basically, usually I do 10, 1-minute rounds of hitting the bag in a rough n rowdy style. Meaning I am trying to throw 100 punches every round and not really space any of the combos out. Before when I did this I would burn out by the 7th round and my arms would be heavy and dead. After a month of L-Carnitine, I can honestly say I was delaying this lactic acid buildup and gassing out deeper into the 8th and 9th rounds. It was definitely a factor in increasing stamina. When it came to strength training it had 0 impacts on strength. I did not make any serious strength gains on squat or bench. My "pump" was definitely affected in a good way but this may have just been due to a stamina increase allowing me to do more reps in curls or tricep work. One of the best parts was the endorphin rush post-workout was great. Definitely, a difference in mood and energy the rest of the day on days I did take vs didn't. Couldn't really gauge a difference in recovery. Definitely helped shed post Superbowl trip and winter dirty bulk mass. I don’t have a six-pack right now, but when I decide to go low carb for the summer will definitely make the cut way easier. 

Can definitely see how this supplement would be used by athletes who need to exert themselves in endurance sports. Could definitely see how the endurance could help me perform Figure skating moves without being too fatigued or lower long-distance mile times. 

Whatever you do don't listen to a 23 year old on the internet for medical advice I'm not a doctor but L-Carnitine makes me go zoom zoom.