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Tiger Woods Caught on a Hot Mic Telling His Ball to 'Fuck Off' Means He's Officially Back

This got me fired up. There's nothing like a nice little, "Fuck off," from the GOAT on Thursday at Augusta to get the blood pumping.

Everyone seems to think Tiger was just making the exclamation upon seeing his shot, but upon further evaluation, it seems he may have been responding to a fan who said, "Great shot," as his ball was rolling off the front of the green. Listen closely again and you decide.

I really don't care if Tiger was yelling at himself for a shot he wasn't happy with or at a dude who was being an asshole — if the latter is the case, the fan completely deserved it. Either way, it means he's dialed in. He's already damn near hit a hole-in-one and is even through 15 holes. Let's keep it going.

If you're thinking about chirping Tiger on the course this weekend, let this serve as your warning that he's putting up with absolutely none of it.