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Indiana Basketball Literally Could Not Be More Back If They Tried ($$$$$$)

Big news coming out of Indiana??? It seems Trayce Jackson-Davis and Race Thompson will be returning for another basketball season based off their names being included on a list of athletes to sign an NIL deal with Hoosiers for Good.  

I believe you can sign an NIL deal and still leave for the NBA, but I have no idea how NIL works except you can get paid to be a college athlete. This is good news for IU. 

TJD kept the team together when Archie left, and has yet to reach his potential without great guard play, but STILL found a way to FEAST in the Big 10 / NCAA tourney before the team ran out of gas against St. Mary's. 

Next year IU will have better guards (Gunn,JHS) with a returning Xavier Johnson that will allow TJD more freedom in the post, but it isn't all good. Race is a grinder that I would take on my team 10/10 times, but Race staying takes minutes away from genetic freak Geronimo who is about to take a huge jump in his game now that he is becoming more well rounded on offense. 

This isn't Race's fault. It reminds me of the Indiana Pacers problem with Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis. Two players you'd want on your team, but their style of play isn't exactly complimentary of the others. In this case TJD = Myles and Race = Sabonis. Unfortunately, Race coming back clogs up the post with his slower, more methodical style of play. 

TJD and Race staying would be incredible for the Hoosiers, but if blue collar Race staying means limitless ceiling Geronimo is gone, then it completely ruins the good news. 

P.S. I wrote this blog and then TJD responded to some of the talk on twitter. Seems like TJD would be fine running back last years core of players. Sounds good to me. Keep reading the internet hate over the off-season TJD.  Let the hate fuel you. INDIANA VS THE WORLD.