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Jack Mac Made One Of The All-Time Wildest Takes In the History Of Sports

I can’t stop laughing thinking about this. Listen, I’m as high on Khamzat Chimaev as anybody. I’m on record saying I think he’ll have won multiple belts by the end of 2023. But to say he could be “the best wide receiver in the NFL” is laugh out loud funny. When I heard Jack say it I think my brain short circuited. I am believer in the “elite athlete“ concept that if most athletes that end up at the highest level had put all their time and effort into a different sport growing up than they could have succeeded there as well. Some people are obviously gonna be better at certain sports than others but i agree with the general premise. However, Being an elite MMA fighter and being an elite WR in the NFL are apples and oranges when it comes to athletic skill sets. He’s a super strong, powerful and explosive athlete, but you think this guy has speed that can get separation from cornerbacks who all run 4.3s and 4.4s???? 

I’ve seen plenty of wrestlers who are great athletes that can run fast and jump high but they can’t catch a ball to save their lives. If I was gonna even begin to make an argument for Khamzat to play in the NFL I think it would have to be as a box safety or inside backer. He’s 6’3 and walks around well over 200 pounds so the size actually isn’t much of an issue. It’s just the sheer speed and athleticism part that I question. 

Anyways new episode of Spinnin Backfist is live now on YouTube and all podcast platforms. We have an awesome interview with UFC rising star Ian Garry and a full breakdown of this weekend’s massive UFC273 PPV card with two title fights and Khamzat Chimaev vs Gilbert Burns. Prelims are stacked as well I’m so fired up for this card. Probably the biggest of the year so far. We have gambling picks and some picks from the MMA gambling gawd Magic MMA. Watch, like, comment and subscribe please and thank you my friends.