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A Set Of Twins Use Telepathy To Score Touchdowns

If this isn't a great example of twin telepathy I don’t know what else is. Like, these guys have probably thrown the football with each other more than any other duo in the world. Think about it, they are twins, they were always on the same schedule and always had someone to throw with. Maybe it's not twin telepathy and just being so in sync through so many reps together. But thank god Georgia Southern is taking both of them because it would be a crime to separate them. The way the WR got in the exact right place when there was a botched snap to score is amazing. It has been recorded that twins can sense when the other one is in danger, so when that snap went over his head there is a chance his twin knew he needed to get into an impromptu scramble drill. Here's another example:

Anecdotal evidence

Most of the evidence for twin telepathy is not scientific but instead anecdotal. For example, in 2009 a British teenager named Gemma Houghton was in her home when she suddenly had a feeling that her fraternal twin sister, Leanne, needed help. "I just got this feeling to check on her, so I went up to the bathroom and she was under the water," she said. Gemma found Leanne in a bathtub, unconscious. She had suffered a seizure and slipped under the water, nearly drowning. Gemma called for help and administered first aid, saving her sister's life. The story of Gemma and Leanne Houghton has been widely cited as an example of twin telepathy (the phrases "telepathic bond" and "sixth sense" appear in many news stories about them), and was cited by Guy Lyon Playfair, author of a book about twins, as a case where twin telepathy may have saved a life. 

They are both committed to Georgia Southern which you might remember is the same place now country singer Gavin Adcock chugged a beer on top of a moving bus.