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Kanye West Threw Away $8M By Dropping Out Of Coachella

Coachella is less than 2 weeks away but that didn’t stop Kanye from dropping out last min, losing out on 8 million dollars and for Coachella to find a replacement.

A few days ago, Kanye West decided to pull out of Coachella last minute but that didn’t seem to make anyone at Coachella upset. Coachella producers said they were definitely blind sided by Kanye’s withdrawal but there is no hard feeling towards him because they understand he’s been through a lot lately (yeah...or they’re just scared of him).

After the news of Kanye dropping broke out, Coachella moved fast and found, The Weekend who will be joined by, Swedish house Mafia as Kanye's replacement. 

Since Kanye’s departure, more information has been released around the amount of money he is losing by cancelling on Coachella. Sources told TMZ that Kanye’s deal was $8M and in addition to that Coachella was paying $500K in production costs. 

From There, The Weekend obviously heard about this and Page Six was here to report that at first Coachella was going to pay, The Weekend much less than Kanye but after many threats of them also backing out as well and lot of negotiations, The weekend will finally be making the same about as Kanye would have.

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