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It's Opening Day Which Means The Most Fun Bet In Sports Is Officially BACK

IT'S FINALLY THAT TIME, PEOPLE! It's been a long winter without many fun sports bets out there. We've had the Ballternate Overs which are a fucking thrill, we've done Overs Clubs which are always a blast, the Hanson of course revs people engines during Football season, but there is nothing and I mean NOTHING that compares to the BEC. To those that aren't aware of what it is it stands for both Bacon, Egg, and Cheese and/or Balls, Eddie, and, Clem. Those 3 latter fellas each pick a baseball game where there will be no runs scored in the first inning. We parlay 'em. We juice the price up. And we have the time of our lives. I can personally guarantee if you've never done a first inning no run bet it is the most THRILLING bet in baseball. So much damn fun. Hop on today for Opening Day if you know what's good for you!