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Flash-Bang Explodes While Would-Be Thief Gets Stuck In A Truck Window Like Your Step Mom in The Dryer

A resident in New Orleans who has had his truck targeted in the past for smash-and-grab type robberies decided to leave a little surprise for would-be thieves in the form of a rigged flash-bang.

Yeah, this dude actually rigged up a flash-bang in his center console that was designed to trigger if someone tried to get into it. You can read the whole local news report on the Fox8Live website and watch the video above. Within that video, you can see the thief hanging out through the broken window of the truck, when all of a sudden a bright explosion is triggered. Predictably, the thief got the hell out of the truck and back into the getaway vehicle after experiencing a flash-bang right to the face.

If you've never been in or around a flash-bang explosion, your hearing should be thankful. It doesn't feel like the scenes in Call of Duty where your vision starts to look like you are gazing at some porn in the late 90s while you shoot the air and back yourself into the corner. It feels like a terrible headache and something you dont wanna do again anytime soon. That being said, it would be effective. If you were stealing a truck, a flash-bang going off while your buttcheeks are high and loose sticking out of the truck's window is certainly a gentle reminder to not do that. 

The worst part about all this is that the owner of the truck still has to replace his window and most likely some burns on the seat too. I wonder if that shit is covered by insurance. I have a feeling that it would be difficult to explain to the claims adjuster that you felt the need to booby trap your own truck. But, having it on video really does improve your chance. "Why did you booby trap your own truck, sir?" 

"Because repairing the seats and window is cheaper than replacing the entire truck."

Fact check: true. Maybe I'll bring back Simp My Ride and show everybody how to flashbang their own truck like they are making a Home Alone Short Film. What could go wrong?

PS: those step moms arent really stuck either