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A Reminder With All These Gonzaga To The Big East Rumors: It's One Of The Dumbest Ideas In College Basketball And Sports

I don't know how it happened but once again yesterday there were rumors of Gonzaga to the Big East, even to the point where it was trending. As a reminder, it's an incredibly stupid idea. There's absolutely no reason for Gonzaga to join the Big East or the Big East to add Gonzaga. It makes zero sense. It's one of the dumbest things out there. College sports are starting to freak out about travel and how far conference geography is getting, so, yeah, let's go ahead and add a school in Spokane, Washington to the Big East. Shit the Big East doesn't even make sense with Creighton, Xavier, Marquette and Butler which is not, you know, where the Big East footprint started. 

Why does Gonzaga need the Big East too? They keep getting 1 seeds. They've made two title games in 5 years. It's not 'holding them back' playing in the WCC or anything like that. The notion that them playing in the WCC hurts them is just false. It would hurt them if they couldn't get a 1 seed and were capped out at like a 4 seed. But that's not the case. If you want to argue they aren't beating teams in the title games or haven't won a title because of the WCC, I think you're dumb, but that's the argument. Not that the WCC is holding them back. 


I know it's very old man yelling at the clouds, but we don't need to keep adding teams to stuff. I miss the old days. I miss 9 teams in the ACC. I miss the Big East being Syracuse, Georgetown, Seton Hall, St. John's, UConn, Providence, Pitt, Nova, etc. But Gonzaga to the Big East? It makes no sense. The rumors don't make sense. If anything they should just go to the Pac-12 for basketball only. 

Can we all just agree to stop doing this every single offseason.