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Sungjae Im's Father Was An Electric Factory At Yesterday's Par 3 Tournament

Meant to cover this yesterday but I'm battling my ass off to balance doing tax returns and writing these dang blogz #PartTimeLife

One of my favorite things about the Par 3 Tournament is the celeb shot. Tag anybody in and they get a crack at doing something legendary on golf's greatest stage. Mr. Im saw his window of opportunity and boy oh boy did he take advantage. Absolutely walloped that thang with all his might and stuck it close. And that celebration is what makes this game so great. No better vibe with the boys. Anything can happen to anyone at any time. It's that one shot that keeps ya comin back.

Turns out this guy is a legend too. Sungjae spent his first couple years on Tour living in hotel rooms with his parents, basically playing every event possible. Looks like Mr. Im has built quite the reputation.

Need to get him and Donnie together to crank a couple hoons.