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As The Masters Get Underway, Here's A Reminder That The Best Way To Make A Pimento Cheese Sandwich Better Is To Simply Add Brisket

Obviously the thing that makes the pimento cheese sandwich at Augusta so special is the simplicity. You've got pimento cheese spread between a couple slices of white bread and that's it. No frills. No nothing. Just an easy going sandwich to accompany you while you watch some of the best golf you'll ever see. 

But just because there is beauty in the simplicity doesn't mean there can't be some kick ass in the extreme as well. I mean we all love a nice high draw, but nothing gets the people going quite like a low flying stinger. The pimento cheese sandwich is a conservative lay up off the tee down the left side of the fairway on hole 3. But adding brisket to your pimento cheese sandwich? Well that's taking out the big dog and gassing it up to go for the green and giving yourself a look at 2. 

That, my friends, is the Bubba Cole. A sandwich you can crush if you're ever lucky enough to find yourself in Martin, Tennessee and swing by Blake's BBQ. You've got pimento cheese served over top of some smoked turkey and a few juicy slices of brisket all sandwiched together on a brioche bun. Is it the same pimento cheese sandwich on white bread you can get for a dollar fifty at Augusta? Not exactly. It's just way better. 

By the way, just want to give a shootout here to my guy Blake. He started off with a couple of trailers in a parking lot, and now he's opening up a brick and mortar that looks amazing. Should be open sometime in early May. Martin, Tennessee just got added to your to-go list.