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A Complete Breakdown Of Last Night's Hour Long ABC News Special "The Kardashians"

The MUCH ANTICIPATED ABC Primetime Special "The Kardashians" with Robin Roberts as interviewer is something we've all been seeing clips from for weeks. I honestly thought that the interview had come out already, that's how many clips I've seen of it. Low and behold, last night we saw the full premiere. Was it good? Mmmm, not really. That isn't the fault of Robin or The Kardashian women, but more the way the story itself was being told. 90% of the interviews were with other random pop culture people like Perez Hilton, talking about The Kardashians' rise to fame. At this point in time, do we really need background on "how they all got to where they are"? It felt like a special to show someone who is four thousand years old and has NEVER heard of these women, or something to show aliens to describe the family. They (these social media people) went down the list:

- Robert Kardashian being OJ's lawyer

- Kim being Paris Hilton's friend, and her sex tape

- Kim and Kanye's relationship

- Khloe's DUI

- Kris's relationship with Kaitlyn Jenner 

- Kourtney and Travis doing PDA everywhere

- The fact that the family has 1.7 billion followers combined (actually a crazy stat)

That's pretty much it. Lots of fluff about their lives and how they became rich and famous. One good point was that their fame and money started to really take off when they decided to stop promoting other brands, and start promoting their own businesses. I mean..yea, duh? Idk. What I wanted, was the nitty gritty. The real hard hitting questions that we all want to ask, but never really get a response about. To be fair, the Kardashians are very much "open books." We know everything about them because they're always clueing us in, so it's hard to get any real info that we don't already know. I can't lie, this special didn't really give us anything new or shocking. 


When asked about her kids and Kanye, and how much they know about what's going on, she says, "I try to be open and honest with my kids, the two oldest know what's going on. I hate that it had to play out like that [online] but when it comes to family, Kanye and I will always be family. I just want my kids to be happy and healthy and to think the world of their dad, and they do." She also said "Its hard to take the high road, everyone has their own way of communicating and I am always a champion of him speaking his truth," when asked how she herself felt about Kanye's behavior. (Great answers Kimmy)

Robin asked Kim about the backlash from her now famous "get your fuckin' ass up and work" show promo. She responds, "Even to be an influencer, you have to really work hard to get there even if it might seem like it's easy. In no way was that statement directed towards women or about women in that way. It wasn't a blanket statement towards women, or to feel like I don't respect their work or think that they don't work hard. I know that they do." Honestly, if you were offended by Kim's "work" statements, you probably AREN'T busting your ass. Anyone who busts their ass at work, understands her mentality and isn't offended by it. She was clearly not implying that nobody else works as hard as she does, therefore doesn't have her fame. She's talking about the grind and TBQH I think she hit it right on the head. There are millions of people just half assing their lives and complaining about not having the kind of success they want. They people who really put the pedal to the metal are clapping along with Kim.

Robin also asked her about her battle with earning respect from the industry, and whether or not she always had doors "opened" for her. "I've been in this business for 20 years, and being on a reality show has not opened doors. Being on that, and a girl with a sex tape, all the doors closed for me. I had to work extra hard to get credibility. [I am] Absolutely still fighting for respect. I say all the time, I didn't even think Vogue was in my vocabulary, let alone being on the cover."

Asked about SKIMS, Robin says "do you feel you have changed the narrative about how the world sees women?" Kim replies, "we come in different shapes and sizes, even looking at my sisters we all have really different bodies. I never felt the inclusivity growing up. Everyone was blonde and tall and thin and I never connected to anyone. I think thats why I was so inspired to start SKIMS, I wanted a line that had no boundaries. Everyone should feel exactly how they want to feel, and to be praised exactly how they are. They should receive that." U GO GIRL! 

And finally, when asked about her relationship with Pete Davidson, and how serious it is, she says "I'm a relationship girl. I wouldn't be with someone if I didn't plan on spending a lot of my time with them. I obviously want to take my time, but I am very happy and very content, and its such a good feeling to just be at peace." AMEN GIRL ~*finger snaps*~



When asked "how she did it all," Kris says "What my goal has always been was to raise my kids, and the dream would be to see each one of them find their passion." She goes on to say she always wanted six kids, and that a lot of her early beginnings were mirroring her own mother. "Kourtney and I opened up a kid store like me and my mom had, I think I was just following in her footsteps." 

Robin then gets into talking about Kris' reputation of being a strong leader, and asked how she goes into a negotiation. "Here's how I feel about negotiating. I feel like I'm direct and I'm strong, we created the show KUWTK and it turned into something bigger than I could've ever imagined. Every day is like 'buckle your seatbelt,' I never know what I'm going to wake up to in the morning."

Kris is then asked to give us an update on her relationship with her ex, Kaitlyn Jenner, and how her transition was on Kris and the family. "We're fine, yea, we're friends. I see her when she's at a family thing. It's settled down a lot, it was a big shock. It's a scary thing to go through when you don't know anything about it. It's a subject I never thought I'd have to be understanding about, something I didn't understand." This made me sad. Kris has just had to sit back and grieve silently about her divorce and essential death of (another) husband, and any "negative" comment she could've made about her marriage would've make HER look like she wasn't being supportive of this huge change in Kaitlyn's life. But what about Kris's life? :( 

Kris on Pete, "Pete's great. He's a really nice guy." Official approval from the Matriarch!


I wish we had more from Khloe. I think she's the best at these kind of interviews because she's so conversational; I've always felt she was the most "real" in terms of personality when it comes to the Kardashians. 

Robin asked Khloe if she wishes that some of her more private moments were kept private. She says, "I think we all crave those times, but we also know that this is what we signed up for. At the same time, you cant predict the magnitude of what this machine is. The Kardashian Machine." (Somewhere Kris already has "The Kardashian Machine" trademarked)

Khloe also revealed that she's had a nose job, something so insignificant that I didn't even realize it was some big revelation when she said it. "My whole life I would say I've always wanted my nose done, but its in the middle of your face and it's scary. I finally did it, and I love it." She was also asked how her relationship is with fashion, considering how involved most of her family is with it. "I have always had a love hate relationship with fashion, because my weight has always fluctuated my whole life."

Khloe also sweetly says, "my mom believed in us more than anyone else and [this is all] because of her." 

Robin starts to get into the tougher questions about Tristan. Not too tough, but thankfully Khloe wasn't letting him off easy. "What I go through in real life is not what I go through on social media. I remember when he cheated on me before I gave birth, and I still had him in the delivery room. But when my daughter watches home videos, she'll see how I was able to make them [for her.] Tristan just isn't the right guy for me." This was a bad bitch move. She's thinking about her daughter and letting us all know that she merely tolerates Tristan at this point. He's such a FOOL!

And, finally of course, her thoughts on Pete: "He makes her laugh. He's a really nice guy." Seems like the fam is 100% on board!



When asked about what she's learned from working alongside her mom, Kourtney says "I think about that often, I've learned so much just by watching her, hearing her on the phone, watching the way she's organized her life, down to little things. I think it helps give you the motivation to do it. It was important to me with Poosh to do it on my own." 

And of course, when asked about Travis; "Its so funny when we think about like, this is us, can you believe it? We were friends! I felt deep down when we looked into each others eyes and made it physical, then it was over." Yea Kourt, we've seen the pics, we can believe it!

Kendall + Kylie

Not a lot of Kendall here. A quote from her after being asked how she's been affected by this life; "One thing that's affected me is the amount of negativity I see, theres just literally too much. I have moments feeling like I'm breaking or can't take it anymore because it feels like I cant do anything right." Sad as fuck tbh. Kendall and Kylie both lived differently than their sisters, Kim saying "I feel badly because we all had childhoods before this. This is what they grew up with."

There was a lot of talk about Kylie being a billionaire, but Kylie herself wasn't on this special. Only good line from that segment was Kris saying that Kylie often doesn't want her advice when it comes to her business. She tells her to "go take lunch" when she feels like she's involving herself too much LOL. Kendall was barely on it too, but pretty much zero Kylie tells me that she wasn't into this, or just too busy. It has me wondering if they resent the "Kardashian" tag on all of this, with zero "Jenner." Technically, these two aren't "Kardashians" at all, even though they're cogs in the wheel of The Machine. 

That's pretty much it! Overall, I still love this family, but none of this was that new or interesting as I said. I don't regret watching it, but I wish we had more footage or better questions. I'm sure a ton more was recorded and asked, but the final edit just didn't move the needle in the way I had hoped. Looks like we'll just need more ON HULU NEXT WEEK!!