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This Gaffe From the Champions League Match Between Chelsea and Real Madrid Will SHOCK You With How Awful It Is

Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy had already given up two goals to Karim Benzema in the first half. Then Kai Havertz got Chelsea back in the game right before halftime and not even a minute into the second half, Mendy breaks out this little number to give Benzema a hat trick and put the deficit back at two goals.

If one of my friends did that in a FIFA co-op game, I'd turn my PlayStation off and not talk to him for several days. This guy did it in a Champions League quarterfinal.

We say this jokingly sometimes, but there might actually need to be some sort of investigation into this. Mendy sees the white jersey coming right at him and taps the ball five feet off to the side. He could have launched it literally anywhere down the field and been totally fine and he leaves it there like he's trying to get an assist on Benzema's goal.

This was seriously a goal for Real Madrid. Unreal.