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The #BarstoolBestBar Championship Is Here: Sup Dogs of ECU vs Brick Street of Miami (OH) Battle It Out For College Bar Supremacy


It's all come down to this, folks. The basketball tournaments may be over, but the #BarstoolBestBar tournament championship has just begun. And this year its another doozy, as Sup Dogs of ECU once again finds itself in the finals, this time going up against fellow number 1 seed Brick Street of Miami (OH).



As we all remember, ECU took the world by storm in 2018, winning the inaugural Best Bar contest, and then repeated in 2019, before losing to Riley's at Cal State Chico in the finals last year.

The upstart Brick Street are no slouches themselves, always making a run at the Best Bar, but never reaching the promised land.

It'll be a barn burner for sure, and if you want to help your bar win, you can buy a Tshirt which counts as seven (7!!!!) extra votes.



Good luck to both, and may the best bar win!