Bryce Harper Cannot, Nor Will Not, Stop Hitting Home Runs

If I've said it once then I've said it at least half a dozen times. If you want to win baseball games then all you have to do is score more runs than the other team. People want to talk about pitching until the cows come home, but the last I checked you don't put up any runs when your pitcher is on the mound. 

But if you put a bat in Bryce Harper's hand and throw a ball anywhere in his general direction? Well then one lucky fan is going home with a souvenir approximately 1.6 seconds later.  Just as sure as the sun comes up the next morning, Bryce Harper is going to smash the shit out of any pitch thrown his way and the Phillies will never once have to worry about shitty pitching causing them to miss the playoffs again. Some say that all you gotta do is believe. But all you really gotta do is just score a shit ton of runs. Simple sport when you think about it.