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It Never Gets Old Watching Players Skip Balls Across The Pond At 16 At Augusta National

I just can't get enough of it. Every single year these videos break my brain. This year is no different. There's just no way this should be possible where these guys just rocket balls across and have them roll up on the green like it's nothing. The balls don't even look real. It's mesmerizing. At some point you would think one of these guys would hosel a bullet into the patrons but it just doesn't happen. 

Those videos above are just the ones from this year. The Fleetwood/Rose one is incredible, but guys actually ace this hole every so often. So ridiculous.

It simply should not be possible for a ball to skip a dozen times and still have enough steam to get up that hill and onto the green. I'm not even convinced that these aren't deep fakes every year. Augusta National Golf Club is capable of damn near anything and putting this over on anybody isn't outside the realm of possibilities. Wouldn't put it past em.