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It's Not The Masters Until 86 Year-Old Gary Player Flushes A Drive Down The First Fairway

Every year I tune into the Masters ceremonial 1st tee shot and wonder whether this is the year you start to see Gary Player slow down. Father Time's gotta catch up to him at some time right? At age 86 it would seem to be high time for that to start to happen. And year in and year out I watch Gary Player step up to the 1st tee at Augusta and wallop a ball right down the fairway with FABULOUS action like it ain't no thang. Absolutely beautiful. The guy is incredible. He even darted one and almost made a 1 during the par 3 contest yesterday.

And today we're hitting fairways. Him roasting that chirp about the pushup and then throwing that signature playful karate kick in at the end is just running up the score. Of course it's always good to see Jack and now we're throwing Tom Watson in the mix, but Mr. Player always delivers.

We're off and running at The Masters. The bigger names should start hitting the course any minute now and conditions look soft and gettable. And of course... the GOAT tees off at 11:04 AM. Should be a good one!