I Did Not Expect To See Joey Votto Busting It Down With Doja Cat On TikTok

Joey Votto has only been on social media for a week and he's already a monster at it. We knew he had the best personality in the bigs but now we really get to see how damn funny he is. He dropped this TikTok out of nowhere on us yesterday, just casually dropping it low and busting it down for us....while in a Harry Potter outfit I think? Now I'm unfamiliar with this trend, seems a bit provocative especially when Doja Cat does it but that doesn't stop Votto from doing it. He really is hilarious, you've got to love a guy like him who pretty much just wants to hit baseballs 400 feet and record TikToks. The Reds won't be any good this year so he might as well do something he enjoys, why can't it be TikTok? Votto knows how to get eyeballs on him, you can't deny that. Social Media Joey is by far my favorite Joey, I hope we get a billion TikToks from him this year while the Reds are 30 games under.

I mean every video he puts out he crushes, they're fantastic. 

Sorry Josh Richards, there's a new TikTok king in town. Wonder what the chances are that we see Votto on BFFs?