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The Nets And Rockets May Have Just Set The NBA Back 50 Years

NBA players, they're just like us! It's not often you find yourself watching some NBA basketball on a jam packed Tuesday night and see something so relatable. Usually watching the best basketball players in the world shows you things you couldn't even dream of doing. I watch that clip and see myself. I see you. I see all of us. We've all been in games to end a half or a quarter that looks exactly like those final 34 seconds. By the end of it, you're so exhausted from all the misses and mostly you're just confused. It's tough to comprehend a sequence like that which is what makes it so beautiful. It's so bad it's good. Every second is more embarrassing than the last. These aren't even no name bench players either! That's what makes it so great, that even the best players in the world can have a stretch where they play like every asshole still trying to keep the dream alive in his men's league.

On a side note, I feel like we don't talk enough about when you have to give up your men's league days. That shit sucks. It's a sad day in all of our lives. Sometimes it's because you move and you never really find another league and then you stop playing and next thing you know it's been years. Sometimes your body just can't do it anymore which is just as depressing. Sometimes real life gets in the way and your priorities shift. For me, I had two leagues that I loved. The first was the Worcester JCC Men's league that I would play in when I came back from college in the summer which was always a lifelong goal. Growing up you wanted to play in that league when you were older. Bob Berman, ever heard of him? Worcester legend. The second was a league in Boston that played on the roof of a parking garage next to the Garden. That always had some decent run for just a bunch of normal dudes who really just wanted the cardio for an hour and maybe you made some threes.

Anyway, what a sequence. Fortunately for the Nets, they're still playing the Rockets so as I write this they are back to kicking the shit out of Houston. They need every win they can get even if they have a few moments like that.