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Barbell Backflips Need To Immediately Be Added To The NFL Combine

Oh you can run 40 yards really fast? Sweet, dude. So could all those kids in school who would sprint through the hallways with their arms stretched behind their back. 

You can bench press 225lbs? Congratulations, dickweed. Go to any LA Fitness in America and you'll find some 'roided out beefcakes who can rep out 225 until the cows come home. 

All I'm saying is that it's about time for the NFL Combine to get a revamp. NFL players are some of the most freak-of-nature athletic specimens on the planet, and I don't necessarily think the combine does the best job at showcasing that. I want to see these guys do things that maybe 0.005% of the world's population can achieve. And if you can do a barbell backflip? Well you deserve a roster spot in the NFL. Or at the very least, you deserve the chance to earn yourself a roster spot and get drafted. There's no reason why this fella should be stuck playing in the CFL right now. 

Sidenote: I hope this is a trend that catches on. It's going to be pure chaos and carnage in gyms all across the globe if every jabroni with an overinflated sense of self-confidence decides to bust this exercise out and puts themselves in the hospital. For legal purposes here, however, I feel like I should mention that you should not attempt to recreate the activity above.